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              TONY SPATARO - Director

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         Director Tony Spataro has a little fun with Vibeke Klemetsen (Fiancé to Daniel Franck) on the set for the cinema film "STALKER". It's set to be released in cinemas this year with its campaign beginning in Norway.  STALKER is a suspense film designed to stimulate the film market for Norway and enter a class A-Movie level for its film makers. STALKER is a break through project for Norway and it's talent for theses simple reasons 1)  It is different in genre. 2) It is a Norwegian production shot in English, and 3) The filming format is in 35mm WideScreen, the Academy of Motion Pictures standard. "I feel I am just a pioneer in these film making days" says Spataro, "Norway is very quality conscious in film making so I believed that by coming up with a risk taking script, collecting the talent from which Norway has to offer, shoot the whole film in English, and direct it with my style of filming,  the Norwegian bubble will be broken and receive international appeal."
       His last movie "Future Murder" (A. Producer) has already gave him international notice last year and he expects to impact the film industry even harder with his next movie. Stalker is just another stepping stone on the road to the Oscars, he says. "I believe Stalker is a great film. It is not my best work of course, but it still will be judge and qualify for the award shows including the Oscars and Golden Globes. I'm just hoping for a nomination on my next one."


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