An accapela voice sings in the background in a Celtic/Norrun style. From black, the opening credits fade in.

FADE IN:                    OPENING CREDITS

     Opening credits appear over black. The girl's soprano voice continues to sing. Thunder sounds when the title "STALKER" appears on screen. Another voice joins and sings harmony to the accapela voice to end the segment.
     Fading from credits over black, voices fade away.

Our view starts at close range over a work bench in a basement. It crosses a group of photos scattered across the top. Suspense music plays in background. There are different images taken from different times of a nice looking, innocent girl. Crossing the 6th or so image, a hand picks up the 7th. The camera pushes in for a closer look and re-focuses on the image while it is risen by a hand. We don't see who holds the photo, only a behind the shoulders view of someone with a hood on.

Our view pulls back to reveal the entire basement, showing more photos and equipment, evidence that this mystery person has been hard at work for some time and up to deceit.

Cutting to inside a closet, a stairwell lights a bottom floor hallway. A few seconds later, a man enters through one of the connecting doors, unclear of who it may be. He fiddles around behind the closet door. The mystery man shuts the door covering our view, turning the scene to black. The sound of a big metal door opens. Footsteps are heard climbing stairs. Our view is a POV walking through a mysterious house.

Cutting to view frow a tiny window looking outside, a man passes by, walking down the side walk. The view gets blurry turning the side the window and the wall to clear focus. Simutaneously our view pans over to see what is on the wall. More photos of the same girl we saw earlier are posted. We are back in the same basement. Our view slows down and stops on a more detailed image of the girl. It appears we are not far from where we saw the man leave his house. We also dont know if it is the same person from the basement. It COULD be the man from the hallway. Nevertheless, the girl is obviously in the heart of some ambitious mystery man, or in trouble by some unknown stalker. Frozen still on a black and white photo of the girl, we flashback to a memory.

FLASHBACK:  Recent Past   Black & White

A close up of a hand with a medieval face key chain locks an outside door. Pulling back to reveal the person locking a shop, a girl steps out of frame just before we see her face. Cutting to a long shot it appears to be the same girl in the photos from within the basement.

(Creepy piano music plays in background) The girl walks along the side walk browsing shop windows. Shaken views foreshadows a POV presence. Someone is watching.

Rene takes a short cut through an alley. Nobody can be seen nearby. The creepy piano music still plays. Rene notices dark areas where the back doors of shops are. A presence is felt. She continues walking. Again, looks side to the side and behind her, feeling as if she's being followed. Music builds up. She continues her walk forward. She takes another look back, turns completely around, and walks backwards.

She turns forward again then all of a sudden someone grabs her and frightens her.

It's her friend Heidi. She questions what's the matter with her. The girl (Rene) stutters with her words while she captures her breath. Rene insists she is being followed. The both look back.

Nothing is there. Just a silent alley. Heidi's sympathetic reaction shows that she thinks Rene is imagining things. Rene eventually dismisses the event.

They both turn and walk away. Piano music plays again.
Our view cuts to a wide shot of the two girls walking away down the alley.

FLASHBACK:   Present Time

A girls voice talking on the phone is heard in the background. The voice becomes louder. Camilla talks on the phone with Rene while still in bed. Rene speaks from a pay phone.

Camilla talks about her life while Rene insists about getting inviting to this exotic masquerade party on Saturday night. It is for special guests only. Our view displays a POV once again. A certain presence is back, apparently ease-dropping. Camilla says she will try to get Rene invited to the party then rushes off the phone. They hang up.

Rene races off to a costume shop to browse what she may wear to masquerade party. She encounter many strange outfits but comes across one particularly interesting mask. Without hesitation she buys it. The cashier, Devin, knows her and starts a conversation with her. Rene creates only small talk with him, reluctant to get into any heavy conversation.

He suggests they get out some time, but she politely responds with indefinite interest. She thanks him and leaves.

Rene steps outside the shop but drops her bag. She bends down to pick it up and man steps down to the bag and grabs it at the same time with her.
They both slowly stand up together. He creates a conversation while he walks along side of her down the sidewalk. They both walk off and their voices fade away. Later, both the man and Rene are walking up her driveway. He has obviously walked her all the way home. The tones of their voices sound more comfortable with each other. The man give the bag back to her. They both laugh, say their goodbyes, and he walks off.

The window of the same basement we saw earlier appears on screen. Panning down and refocusing onto the interior of the basement, the photos become clear in focus again. There seems to be more collected.

Cross the photos, our panning view slows to a distorted image of Rene. The scene cuts to another picture on the wall of another place.

A photo image of a good looking guy (a Leonardo DiCaprio type) appears on screen, bordered similarly to the photo from the basement scene. Our view pulls back and reveals a very nice, feminine looking bedroom. Again it is quiet, but the silence is soon broken. The phone rings. By the second ring, the door opens. Our low angle view shows a girl entering the bedroom. Music from a radio is heard. The answering machine picks up. Tracking along side of her at waist level as she crosses her bedroom, we see a cutoff image of only the girl's lower body as she walks over to the desk. The machine beeps. A guys voice speaks over the speaker. It's Devin from the shop we saw earlier. He insists she picks up the phone. We still can't see the girl's face even though she leans over to turn off the radio to hear the message more clearly. Devin continues to leave his message. He talks about himself and his great acting career.

She crosses the bedroom over to her dresser. The camera, still at waist level follows her but rises slightly and pushes in for a closer look. The reflected image on the mirror shows her frontal body, but still, her head is cut off. Continuing to push in closer, the non reflected image shows the nice shape of her body from a different perspective. She picks up her brush and brushes her hair. Devin still talking, she picks up a photo from on top her dresser. Looking down, from a top view, we cut to an over the shoulder view of what she sees. It's the same Leonardo guy as on the wall. She sets the photo down, takes off her top, grabs her lotion and walks back over to her desk. Devin laughs as he says he keeps missing her at home, but our view from outside the window show clearly that she is home. Devin hangs up.

Back to the waist level view, we follow her actions. She sets the lotion down and continues to undress, taking off her pants. She is left with only her bra and underwear. She picks up her lotion and leans over to turn the radio on again. She grabs her diary book and finally sits on her bed and falls into frame revealing her face for the first time. It is Rene, the same girl from the photos in basement earlier. She rubs the lotion on her legs. We watch her for a while.

Soon after, our view changes to an different, view with her in the foreground and the bedroom window in the background. We see that the curtains are open. She glances at the window, but doesn't bother closing them. She continues to rub the lotion on her legs and reads her diary. Cutting to the outside looking in, the sound and music are muffled. Camera movement shakes slightly, showing a POV presence. Inter-cutting back and forth from the inside and outside, the sound of a small branch cracks. The girl looks outside. Thinking she heard something, it becomes very silent. She pauses, but resumes her rubbing and reading. Cutting back to the last shot from within the bedroom, she leans over to put more lotion on her legs, but by doing so, the window becomes more clear in view. Our attention if focused on what is outside. A glare catches our eye as if something is moving.

Cutting to the outside once more to remind us of the direct view inside and then back again to the inside shot, the camera animates step by step in closer increments passing through the window to the exterior (all in a matter of 2 seconds). Our view ends up in the trees outside with a direct close-up of a siloet shawdow in the dark. It is unclear but its definitely a darkened shape outline of a head with some hood or hat on top of it. Only a glare can be seen slightly moving in a human-like manner. It watches while the girl is in her private mode. Cutting the POV looking in, breathing now can be heard. The underscore music antagonizes the audience during this sequence, making them think something bad will happen, but just before it does, the girl gets up. She walks over to her dress again, takes off her bra with her back towards our POV view looking in. She walks away over to her door where she came in. The lights go out, and the whole room goes dark. The breathing sounds more heavily out of desperation. Body movement from within the tress is heard.

Just when you think the scene is over, the picture turns contrasty green. A buzzing noise from a charging light bulb goes off. Night vision goggles are switched ON. The breathing is at its strongest. The stalker's night vision view shows just the last half second of her waking over to her bed and getting under the covers. The stalker misses some action, becomes frustrated, then searches abruptly for something interesting. Finding nothing more, the sound of night vision goggles SHUT OFF, echoing with Sound FX into the next scene...

Next morning, Rene checks her mail. She finds an invitation to the party in her mailbox.

     Fading from the sound FX and black, our view is blurry with a bunch junk and old books in the background. Panning left slowyly, an extreme closeup of a mans face enters frame. He is very still, almost deadlike, with his eye open. In a continuous shot and his head completely ceter in the frame, we pull back. Our veiw reveals the man lying down on a matress on a wooden floor. He is holding and reading the same invitation we saw earlier. Continuing to pullback, our view reveals his whole body all the way down to the end of the bed. Our view slow down past the bed and there is a white medieval mask just lying there, something he must have tried on or has been using in the recent past. The scene fades away and the sound of a car driving up is heard in the background.

A taxi pulls up to a gothic style house with classic iron gates surrounding the premises. Rene gets out of the taxi and walks towards the house up the very long driveway. She is in an elegent black dress with the invitation and the mask in her hands.