Script created with Final Draft by B.C. Software, Inc.


by Tony Spataro

       An accapela voice sings in the background in a Celtic/Norrun 
       style. From black, the opening credits fade in.

                                                           FADE IN:

 1     OPENING CREDITS                                               1

       Opening credits appear over black. The girl's soprano voice 
       continues to sing.

       Thunder sounds when the title "STALKER" appears on screen. A 
       fool moon appears. Another voice sings harmony to the 
       accapela  voice. The moon transitions into to a white 
       medieval mask.

 2     INT - MAN'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                                   2

       In one continuous shot, our view leaves the mask and moves 
       upwards. We push in across a bed with feet entering top frame 
       and exiting bottom. Tracking along the top to what seems to 
       be a mans body, we cross the legs, then pass his hands 
       holding a card. It`s an invitation of some sort, which says 
       "V.I.P." and has an image of medieval eye-mask printed on it. 
       It passes down frame while we move upwards and push into the 
       man's face at extreme close range, all in one continuous 

 3     INT - STALKER'S BASEMENT - DAY                                3

       Panning from the extreme close-up of the man's face to a 
       blurry background of a hundred books lying behind him, our 
       view slowly fades to a work bench in a basement. Gentle 
       suspenseful music under scores the scene. The panning 
       continues. An object enters frame. It is a photo enlarger. 
       Photography items are seen in the background. Tracking across 
       a group of photos scattered across the top of the work bench, 
       it's obvious they are different shots taken from different 
       times of a nice looking, innocent girl. There is fiddling 
       taking place off screen by some unknown person heard by the 
       sound of something being constructed. Crossing the 6th or so 
       image, a hand picks up the 7th. The camera pushes in for a 
       closer look and re-focuses on the image while the other hand 
       touches the image in a intimate fashion. We don't see who 
       holds the photo, only a behind the shoulders view of someone 
       with a hood on. Cutting to a panning close-up of the back 
       wall of the bench, where more photos are posted, the sound of 
       the person getting up from his chair is heard. Our view moves 
       along the photos. Only footsteps are heard. The sound of a 
       big basement door creeks open and the footsteps fade away 
       climbing up the stairs. 
       Pushing in to the back wall, our view pans across the last 
       photo to an extreme close up of the girl. Thumping footsteps 
       are heard above the basement. An outside door is faintly 
       heard opening. Panning over and above to a window sill, our 
       focus adjusts to the outside through a tiny window. Footsteps 
       are heard from the outside. Not knowing if it is the same 
       person from the basement, some man passes by, walking away 
       down the street. In any case, the girl is obviously in the 
       heart of some ambitious mystery-man, or in trouble by some 
       unknown stalker.

 4     INT - HALLWAY- DAY                                            4

       Inside a dark hallway, a light from a neighboring room shines 
       through to it. A girls voice talking on the phone is heard in 
       the background. The voice becomes louder.

 5     INT - GIRL'S BEDROOM - DAY                                    5

       Camila is in bed talking on the phone with her friend Rene.

                 yea.. and I was wearing this fantastic 
                 dress, I borrowed from Susan.


                 You know? This red one.

 6     EXT - PARK - DAY                                              6

       Rene sits on a park bench with her mobile phone speaking with 
       Camila. Viewed from a distance between the trees.

                 So what did you do afterwards?

                 Ohh... I was at this great party.. you 
                 should of been there.

                 That's great.


                 Absolutely fabulous!

                 My God!

                 I went crazy. (laughing)

                 YOU get to go to all the great parties.. 
                 Do you know another?

       Camila hesitates her response.


                           RENE (cont'd)
                 Hey! What about that one coming up? 
        that underground one?

       Camila answers abruptly, not wanting to mention the new 

                 ..uhh yea, 

                 ..what's that like?

                 ..uh, it's a real exotic party next 

                 I WANNA GO!
                 ...can you get me to go?

                     (In an unconvincing tone)
                 I will try, I'll do by best of course.

                 I really wanna go to this one Camila!

                 I'll try to get you in.

                 Can you bring somebody?

       Camila looks at the invitation, it's the same one as we saw 
       earlier in the man's hand.

                 Yea... Oh Shit!

                 ..can you get me to go

                 Nooo... it's only.. only one can get in.


                     (in a raised voice)
                 Only one can get in!


                 Hey, I gotta go.

                 Okay okay.. bye...

       A man watches from the side of the park through the trees. 
       Apparently ease-dropping, it appears to be the same man we 
       saw before lying on the bed and most likely the man we saw 
       walking past the basement window down the street.

 7     INT - RENE'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                                  7

       A photo image of a good looking guy (a Leonardo Di Caprio 
       type) cuts into frame, bordered similarly to the photos from 
       the basement scene. Our view pulls back and reveals a very 
       nice and feminine looking bedroom. It is silent. The phone 
       abruptly rings. It rings again. Approaching footsteps are 
       heard. The sound of a door opens and some girl enters the 
       bedroom. Cutting to a low side shot of her at the door, we 
       see a cut off image of only the girls body. She crosses her 
       bedroom and walks over to the desk. We track her movements 
       and still don't see her face, caused by our angle placed low 
       at waist's view. 
                     (music plays in the background 
                      in a low sound quality just 
                      like a radio)

       Her answering machine answers in the background.


                           ANSWERING MACHINE  
                 Hi, I'm not able to come to the phone 
                 right now, but you know what to do.

                     (leaving a message)
                 Hi Rene... Devin here. Long time no talk.

       Rene leans over to turn down the radio. Her face is still not 
       shown. She grabs her brush and walks back over, crossing her 
       bedroom to the opposite direction, to her dresser.

                           DEVIN (cont'd)
                 Hey, I was just in the neighbor and I 
                 thought of you. Thought I could catch 

       Tracking to the dresser, our view, still at waist level 
       follows her but rises slightly and pushes in for a closer 
       look. Rene brushes her hair. Still no sign of her face. 

                           DEVIN (cont'd)
                 Well anyways, things are going pretty 
                 well for me, I just landed another part 
                 in this movie coming up.

       The reflected image on the mirror shows her frontal body, but 
       still, her head is cut off. Entering frame, by the continuous 
       push by the camera, the non reflected image shows the nice 
       shape of her body from a different perspective.

                           DEVIN (cont'd)
                 I think my recent pictures did the trick. 
                 I sent you them as well...

       Looking over her shoulder down onto the dresser, she picks up 
       Devin's picture and looks at it. It was lying there already. 
       Devin is still on the line.

                           DEVIN (cont'd)
                  ...don't you agree? (pause) 

       Rene tosses the picture back down.

                           DEVIN (cont'd)
                 Hmm, it's funny... I keep missing you. 
                 Well, come and see me sometime. I'm still 
                 working at the same old Renaissance Shop. 
                 Catch ya later.

       Devin hangs up and radio static lingers for a second after 
       the call. He called from a cell phone.

                           ANSWERING MACHINE  

       Rene pulls off her shirt. She is now in her bra and jeans. 
       She grabs her lotion and walks back over to her desk. Still 
       at waist view, we follow her actions. She sets the lotion 
       down and continues to undress by taking off her pants. Now 
       she is left with only her bra and underwear. She picks up her 
       lotion and leans over to change the radio station.

                     (the voice section of the song 
                      "Stalker" plays, it's a deep 
                      creepy voice)

       She grabs her diary book then sits on her bed and falls into 
       frame, finally revealing her face for the first time. It is 
       definitely obvious now that it is the same girl (RENE) as 
       from the photos posted in that unknown basement earlier. She 
       rubs the lotion on her legs. We watch her rubbing, but after 
       a few seconds, the our angle changes to a different view with 
       her in the foreground and the bedroom window in the 
       background. We see that the curtains are open. 
       She glances at the window, but shes allows them to stay open. 
       She continues to rub the lotion on her legs and read her 

 8     EXT - GIRL'S BACKYARD - NIGHT                                 8

       Cutting to the outside looking in, the sound and music are 
       muffled. Our view and movement shakes slightly, showing a POV 
       presence. Intercutting back and forth from the inside and 
       outside, the sound of a small branch cracks. Rene looks 
       outside. Thinking she heard something, it becomes very 
       silent. She pauses, but resumes her rubbing.

 9     INT - GIRL'S BEDROOM- NIGHT                                   9

       Cutting back to the last shot from within the bedroom, she 
       leans over to put more lotion on her legs, but by doing so, 
       the window becomes more clear in view. Our attention is 
       focused now to what is outside. A glare catches our eye as if 
       something is moving. Cutting to outside again, our view is 
       much closer and intimate of Rene. A breathing sound starts to 
       be heard in background. Back again to the inside, to the wide 
       shot of Rene and the clear view of the window, she still 
       notices nothing. Cutting to the outside once more to remind 
       us of the direct view inside, the suspense builds. Finally, 
       from that last wide shot from inside, the camera animates 
       step by step in closer increments passing directly through 
       the window straight to the outside (all in a matter of 2 
       seconds).  Our view ends up in front of the trees with a 
       direct close-up of a siloet shadow in the dark. It is unclear 
       but it's definitely a darkened shape outline of a head with 
       some hood or hat on top of it. It can't be made out. Only an 
       eye-glass glare can be seen moving slightly in a human-like 
       manner. It watches, patiently, while Rene is in her private 

10     EXT - GIRL'S BACKYARD - NIGHT                                10

       The underscore music antagonizes the audience during this 
       sequence, making them think something bad will happen, then 
       all of a sudden a hood face enters frame. It is startling. 
       Something bad is going to happen, but just before it does, 
       the Rene gets up. She walks over to her dresser again. The 
       breathing in the background builds. She takes off her bra. 
       Her back faces our view, looking in from the outside. She 
       walks away over to her door where she came in, then the 
       lights go out. The whole room goes dark. The breathing builds 
       up heavily out of desperation. Body movement from within the 
       tress is heard and just when you think the scene is over, the 
       picture turns contrasty green. The sound of a buzzing noise 
       from a charging light bulb goes off. Night vision goggles are 
       switched ON. The breathing is at its strongest. The watcher's 
       night vision view shows just the last half second of her 
       waking over to her bed and getting under the covers. The 
       watcher misses some action, becomes frustrated, then searches 
       abruptly for something interesting. Finding nothing more, the 
       sound of night vision goggles shut OFF..........Everything 
       turns black.

12     EXT - SHOP - DAY (BLACK & WHITE)                             12

       Possibly a dream.

       A close up of a keys locking a shop door shows a medieval 
       face key chain. Pulling back to reveal the person locking the 
       shop, a girl steps out of frame just before we see her face. 
       Cutting to a long shot it appears to be the same girl (Rene) 
       who has been stalked the night before.

13     EXT - STREET SIDEWALK - DAY (BLACK & WHITE)                  13
                     (Creepy piano music plays in 

       Rene walks along the side walk browsing shop windows. Shaken 
       views of what seems to be someone watching, is back. The POV 
       presence returns.

14     EXT - STREET CORNER - DAY (BLACK & WHITE)                    14

       Showing an empty sidewalk at the corner of a building, 
       footsteps approaching are heard. Rene enters frame and is 
       startled. She sees someone who she doesn't want to see her. 
       Her POV shows that it is Devin, the same guy in the picture 
       from her bedroom. He is talking to another girl. Spying on 
       the two of the them, her mobile phone rings loud. She jumps 
       and struggles to get to her phone, trying to go unnoticed. 
       It's her friend on the phone, waiting for her.

                 Hey.. Where are you??

                 Oh.. I'm coming. I'm coming.

       Rene steps back. Shes looks down, while being distracted by 
       the phone call. She speaks to her friend, but the guy glances 
       over to her. He is distracted himself by her phone call.

                 Well hurry up. I'm just standing around 

                 Ok.. I'll be right there.

                 Alright. Bye.



       Rene switches her phone off, takes a look back to the two 
       talking. Nobody is there anymore. Only the girl, whom the guy 
       was talking to, is seen walking away. Rene is puzzled, but 
       then walks on her way.

15     EXT - ALLEY - DAY                                            15

       Rene takes a short cut through an empty alley. Nobody can be 
       seen. The creepy piano music is back. It plays in the 
       background. Rene notices dark areas in the alley, where the 
       back doors of shops are located. A presence is felt. She 
       continues walking. Again, looks to the side and behind her, 
       feeling as if she's being followed. Background music builds 
       up. She continues her walk forward. She hears whispers 
       echoing. She takes another look back, turns completely 
       around, and walks backwards. Still, she sees nothing, just 
       whispers fading away. She turns forward again, then all of a 
       sudden someone grabs her and startles her.

                 Heyyyy! What's with you? Are you alright?

                     (Breathing heavily)

       Uh.. yea, I'm fine. Uh...I just...I just got a feeling 
       somebody was following me. It's just...strange.

                     (Looking behind Rene)
                 But I don't see anybody.

       Rene looks back again. Nothing is there. Just a silent alley. 
       Heidi's sympathetic reaction shows that she thinks Rene is 
       imagining things.

                 Yea well.......yea I know...just 
                 stupid...yeah, sorry.

                 Probable some psycho guy.


                 Actually, I get weird calls all the time.


       They both turn and walk away.



                     (voices fading)
                 By who?

       Piano music plays again.

       Our view cuts to a wide shot of the two girls walking away 
       down the alley. Picture fades away to a slow panning shot of 
       those old books blurred in the background. 


       The panning continues and picture turns from the BLACK & 
       WHITE image to COLOR. A man's face enters frame at extreme 
       close up range. It is the same man lying on the bed from the 
       very beginning of the story. Apparently, he's been day 
       dreaming. We aren't really sure if this was his memory in his 
       day dream or a bad dream of Rene's just after the lights went 
       out, at the time she went to bed. The picture fade to black.

16     INT - HALLWAY- DAY                                           16

       Cutting back to the same dark hallway as before, there is no 
       movement. It is silent with the exception to a faint thumping 
       sound in the distant background. 

17     INT - MEDIEVAL SHOP - DAY                                    17

       Two days later.

       Rene is paying for a item at a cashier in this shop. Widening 
       the shot, our view shows she's visiting Devin (the Leonardo 
       Guy) at his job, where he said he worked at earlier. The shop 
       has many exotic items which date back to the old Renaissance 
       days. Guns, swords, masks, capes, and many other items are 
       seen in the background. Devin converses with her.

                 There you go.

                 Thank you.

                 So, how have you been.

                 Great, how've you been?

                 Just great. Cool stuff here huh?

                     (she holds up one of the masks)
                 Yes. There is.

                 Good to see you. So you doing anything 
                 this weekend.

                 Oh, I may go to this party.

                 What kind of party... a masquerade party?

       Rene smiles as he's guessed the truth.

                 Sounds like a good party. Can anybody go.

                 Not really.

                 Hmm.. you wanna pop out for a coffee?

                 I'm busy.



                 Well, hope to see you again soon.

                 Yea, maybe. Well thanks.

       Rene takes her things and walks away towards the door.

                 Ok. Bye darling.


       She exits the shop.

18     EXT - MEDIEVAL SHOP - DAY - SIDEWALK                         18

       Rene steps outside the shop but drops her bag. She bends down 
       to pick it up, but a man steps down to the bag and grabs it 
       together with her. 

                 Oh! Let me get that for you.

                 Ah.. thank you, you don't have to.

       They both slowly stand up at the same time. Our view follows 
       and tilts up to reveal the man's face. It's the same man from 
       the park and the bed. His name is Thomas.

                 But I insist. I was just walking this way 

                           THOMAS (cont'd)

       They wall along the side walk.

                 So you live around here?

                 Yea. Not to far.

                 Yea, I just moved here, from a farm 
                 town.. this very "Harry" place.

       He touches her. She laughs.

                 Hmm .. so you like the city life.

                 Well, I'm starting to get used to it. 
                 It's not easy you know...trying to get to 
                 know new people that is...

                 Yea, well, I guess you're doing the right 

       The both walk off and their voices fade away.

                                                           FADE TO:

19     EXT - RENE'S HOUSE - DAY                                     19

       Later, both the Thomas and Rene are walking up her driveway. 
       He has obviously walked her home. Their voices fade back in.

                 ... and we'd be chasing him all the way 
                 down to the river.

                 Ha ha. That's pretty funny... Well, this 
                 is it.

                 Yes. So it is.

                 Thanks for walking me home. It was really 
                 kind of you.

                 The pleasure was all mine... Oh.. here 
                 you go.

       The man gives her bag back to her. They both laugh.


20     INT - STALKER'S BASEMENT - DAY                               20

       A window pops on screen with our view looking outside. It's 
       the same window we saw earlier. Panning down and refocusing 
       onto the wall of the interior, more photos become more clear 
       in focus. It's the same basement as before. Creepy music 
       plays in the background. More photos show they've been 
       collected over time and appear to be stranger in fashion. 
       There is sound in the background of construction taking 
       place. Photos are being fiddled with and tossed onto the work 
       bench into our view. No sight of anyone is seen. Our view 
       crosses the new photos Rene and stops one disturbing image. 
       It is Rene's face, distorted in figure. The picture fades to 

                                                     FADE TO BLACK.

21     INT - HALLWAY- DAY                                           21

       We return to the hallway. No movement can be seen. Seconds 
       later, only the sound footsteps fade in. One of the doors in 
       the hall way opens. A man walks through the door and fiddles 
       around in the hallway closet . We don't see what he's doing. 
       He crosses our view back and forth from the closet, which is 
       blocked by the corner wall, to behind the door from where we 
       watch from. After a few seconds, he shuts the door, but just 
       for a second, we see that it is Thomas's face. The closing 
       door forces the picture to go black.


       2 days later

22     EXT - GIRL'S MAILBOX - DAY                                   22

       Rene walks over to her mailbox and opens it. She pulls out 
       her mail. Browsing her letters, the last one is an 
       invitation. She opens it. It's the same invitation that 
       Camila had (the one with the Mask and VIP printed on it) for 
       Saturday's party. To us, it looks likes the one that was in 
       Thomas's hands at the beginning while on his bed. She reads 
       it while walking back into her house.

23     EXT - MEDIEVAL SHOP - DAY                                    23

       Rene returns to the shop where they have the medieval items. 
       This time shes in search of something interesting to wear as 
       a mask for the party. Her face passes our view at extreme 
       close range. She is very intrigued. It's a little spooky. She 
       walks over to the counter where the masks are more exotic. 
       She finds one which is black and gold, with lacy borders. 
       It is a stick mask. She picks it up for a closer look, and 
       tries it on.

                                                            CUT TO:

25     EXT - LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - PARTY - NIGHT                     25

       A taxi pulls up to the front of a Gothic style house. Black 
       iron gates encloses the premises. Rene gets out of the taxi. 
       Our view tracks along side while panning with her to reveal 
       the full house in the background. It is very mystical and 
       gigantic. The gates open and Rene walks away from our view 
       along the long stretch driveway toward the house's pillared 
       entrance. Thunder sounds in the background.

26     INT - LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - ENTRY HALL - NIGHT                26

       While the sound of thunder lingers, our view cuts to the 
       inside the Gothic house. Our low view looking upwards shows 
       an empty stairwell at the entry hall. Sound of whispering 
       voices echo in the background but fade away.

27     LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - STAIRWELL - NIGHT                       27

       Seconds later high heel shoes step into frame at a close-up 
       view of the stairs. Cutting away to a full shot fish eye's 
       view of the stairwell, Rene walks up the stairs. She is in a 
       long elegant black dress, with the invitation and mask in her 
       hand. She makes a turn around the stairs to the next floor. 
       Couples are standing on the side along the stairwell and just 
       outside the entry room. They seem to be chatting to each 
       other, but no words can be made out, it's almost silent. She 
       continues climbing along the end of the stairs to the entry 
       room. She sees a picture frame on the side wall. It has a 
       white masked face on it. It's a little freaky. She passes it 
       but the eyes of the masked face follow and watch Rene pass 
       along. She approaches a doorway at end of the room. She takes 
       a look inside which appears to be a den. Tracking from behind 
       her, the doorway corners widen revealing a group of people 
       surrounding a couch with some activity taking place on it, 
       but the group blocks her view. 

28     INT - LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - DEN - NIGHT                       28

       She steps inside the den to see what they are looking at. She 
       sees no movement out of the group. Circling around them, she 
       notices that the group is wearing different type Eumycetes on 
       them, some of them with stick-masks. Without moving a muscle 
       they continue to watch the activity. It's very strange. Rene 
       looks over to their view and finally sees a guy and girl on 
       the couch moving in a very sensual, un-ordinary way. They 
       don't seem to be bothered by the group watching as they 
       continue to caress each other. Rene is puzzled but smiles and 
       continues her walk. She sees an open lit doorway and heads 
       for it to exit.

29     INT - LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - HALL - NIGHT                      29

       Rene passes through the doorway. She leaves behind her the 
       group and the couple on the couch. 
       One of the masked members slowly looks at her but she 
       doesn't`t notice. However she does notice in the background, 
       between the heads of the masked members, a faceless hooded 
       person with a cape. This mystery person steps in the doorway 
       of the den from where she entered and stops.  Rene puts on 
       her mask and exits the den. The caped person follows.

30     INT - LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT               30

       Rene enters a hall and continues her walk. She sees another 
       lit room which appears to be the living room. She sees more 
       people with the eye masks watching another event. This time 
       its a guy and two girls. He has both his arms around them 
       with one of them kissing his neck and the other playing with 
       his hair. He turns and glances at Rene. He smiles. It's Devin  
       (Leonardo Di Caprio look-alike) from the pictures in her 
       bedroom and the medieval shop. He smirks at her and looks 
       back to the girls. Shortly after, the blond haired girl looks 
       over to Rene with a smart-ass look. She is very beautiful and 
       Rene looks at her with envy. The girl continues to smile at 
       Rene showing shes having a good time with Devin, a guy Rene 
       admires. Moving in closer to the girl`s smiling face, her 
       mouth and eyes transform into a disfigured monster-like 
       figure. It transforms back in just a half second. Rene jumps. 
       She startled from the shock of the changed face. Rene backs 
       off and continues onward. She leaves the room but looks back 
       and sees the same faceless hooded person following. She 
       enters the hall.

31     INT - LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - HALL - NIGHT                      31

       Rene struts down the hall. She sees couples again along the 
       side. She turns around to see if the stalker is still 
       following, nothing yet. She comes to a corner and walks 
       around it. She looks again, this time seeing the stalker 
       entering the hall and coming towards her direction again. She 
       finds a dark large closet type room, hides inside it, and 
       closes the door behind her.

32     INT - LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - LINEN CLOSET - NIGHT              32

       Black fills the picture. Soon after, a crack of light appears 
       by the closet door opening a couple of centimeters. Rene 
       watches through the cracked open door. She can`t be seen from 
       the outside with exception to her eye browsing her view. From 
       inside anxiously waiting, nothing happens. A couple seconds 
       later, footsteps are heard. The stalker finally gracefully 
       passes on by. She is relieved, but just after a few paces, 
       with the stalker's back towards Rene, the stalker stops, 
       turns around slowly, and walks back towards the cracked open 
       door. She closes the door tightly and waits. The lights are 
       out and she sees nothing. Footsteps grow closer and closer, 
       then stop. Only silence... Rene's breathing is heard. Five 
       seconds later, while in the dark, the sound of the door 
       latches turn abruptly. The door is locked from the outside(by 
       the stalker).   Switching to a contrasty green image of her, 
       in what appears to be a large walk-in closet, night vision 
       goggles are use by some unknown person. Rene is obviously 
       blinded by the darkness. 
       The same close-up breathing as from outside her bedroom is 
       heard again. Standing, looking blindly into the darkness, she 

                 helloo... ?

       A hand reaches out as if its going to touch her. The finger 
       tips are ever so close to her face but don't touch her. The 
       person does NOT want to get caught and alarm her of his 
       stalking presence. The hand barley reaches her as times when 
       all of sudden a the door unlatches. The stalker from inside 
       immediately is startled and backs off when all the light from 
       outside shines in by the door opening. It`s Devin, with his 
       arm around Rene's girlfriend, trying to get in.

                           GUY & GIRL
                 Ha ha...ha ha...

                 Hi!!!!! Can we use this room?

                 Sure. Go ahead...

       Rene leaves the large closet for her so called friends to 
       walk in and they close the door behind them, not knowing 
       what's in store for them, or what to expect.

33     INT - LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - HALL 2 - NIGHT                    33

       Rene comes around the corner and looks ahead of her. She 
       catches the caped stalker at the end of the corridor heading 
       for the stairwell, then disappears up the stairs. She follows 
       him. She continues along and reaches the stairwell and looks 
       up the stairs. Now -"The stalker is being stalked"- The 
       stalker exits the top of the stairs down a new hall to a new 
       room where a glare of light shines out through the opening of 
       a half opened door. She follows.

34     INT - LARGE GOTHIC HOUSE - ART ROOM - NIGHT                  34

       Rene's curiosity grows stronger and arrives to the doorway 
       and looks in. She sees a larger group of people with their 
       masks on watching another event. They are all motionless. But 
       this time she sees the stalker in the center, observing as 
       well. This is all too weird for her but can't stop her own 
       curiosity. She gracefully 
                                steps in for a closer look. Again, 
       circling around the group to find out what this is all about. 
       Between the bodies of the group, she sees a bunch of girls on 
       their knees worshiping something. They are all in a trance. 
       She comes to the end of the last standing member of the 
       group. The suspense of the music builds up. She sees what the 
       group is looking at and is quickly startled. The object is 
       revealed. It is Rene! It is a ghostly replica of the body of 
       Rene. Same face, same body. But the skin of the replica is 
       dead white. The real Rene stumbles into a small table with 
       wine glasses on them and breaks one of them. The a noise of 
       breaking glass interrupts the viewing. 
       She's embarrassed and frightened. She immediately looks at 
       the group. They all slowly turn their heads toward her in a 
       creepy fashion. Her scared face notices the stalker, the last 
       to look at her as if the stalker is the leader of the group 
       and is very annoyed. Rene steps back briskly and by her third 
       step back, the people take a step towards her. She sees the 
       stalker turning his head towards her, but then all of a 
       sudden, she is jerked around and bumps into the body of a 
       man. Male hands immediately grab her arms by the wrists. Our 
       view, of just the shaken arms, tilts up to reveal the 
       aggressor. She looks to see who it is.  It's Thomas!!  He has 
       a serious and frightening look on his face, but after a 
       slight pause , with music dampening down, he gently smiles 
       and kindly takes only one of her hands and speaks...

                 Let's get out of here!

       They leave and exit frame. We cut back to the stalker 
       unveiling his hood. The darken face of the caped stalker 
       lights up. The hood now comes completely off. It's Camila. 
       Rene's friend. Who would expect? She is devious. Her dark and 
       dead eyes glare slightly, symboling a  devilish possession.

35     EXT - DRIVING CAR - BACKSEAT - NIGHT                         35

       Rene leans on her side in the back seat of a car. She looks 
       exhausted but relieved. Glaring lights pass on by in the 
       blurry background caused by the earlier rain on the car 
       windows. Looking at the driver, Thomas comes in view. He is 
       driving calmly. The sound of only tires riding over a wet 
       street with a slight drizzle on the windows are heard. All is 
       normal and relaxed. Rene watches the passing lights flash 
       through the side 
                        window, not knowing where she's off too, but 
       glad to be out of that house. Still, there is no talking, 
       just driving. Very peaceful, almost to peaceful. She looks 
       down to the floor and see a strange material object. She 
       rises her head in effort of refocusing her vision. She sees 
       the object more clearly now. Showing a close-up view of the 
       object, it is a black cape and hood, just like the one the 
       stalker was wearing. Rene looks to Thomas. Showing only 
       Thomas's back ( no face), he continues to drive, but in a 
       very dead and zombish style (now noticeable). Rene look at 
       the doors, they are locked. She look back at Thomas. Unmoved, 
       he drives, still faceless. Rene`s face is stunned and 
       twisted, we cut to a close-up of the rear view mirror to see 
       Thomas's eyes looking forward to the street and unaware of 
       her discovery of the hooded cape. Rene, motionless, lies 
       there helpless. Looking back again to the rear view mirror, 
       but more intensely, Thomas still looks forward. Music builds 
       up in the background. Finally, MOVEMENT! Our view, which is 
       also Rene's P.O.V,  is caught by Thomas's eyes, abruptly 
       directing his eyes straight for us, looking through the 
       mirror. His eye lids grow bigger and eye color turn slightly 
       red. With out blinking he holds a psycho devilish stare. CUT



36     EXT - STREET - NIGHT                                         36

                                                      LOW WIDE SHOT

       The car drives over us and down the wet dark street and the 
       sound of a screaming yet laughing voice echoes in the 
       background. Picture turns to Black.


37     INT - STALKER'S BASEMENT - DAY                               37

                                                           FADE IN:

       Days later. We return back to the basement. Our view begins 
       at a close-up of Rene's photo in some hands. Pulling back 
       gradually, in one continuous shot, our view widens. The caped 
       stalker is finally revealed in the basement, slouching with a 
       humped back in a chair at the workbench, facing away from us 
       (still faceless).  The stalker's hands intimately caress 
       her photo, reminiscing the memory of Rene. 
            Creepy music plays in the background. Our view widens 
       to its fullest. The complete basement is revealed for the 
       first time, showing all the stalkers collectables, especially 
       all of Rene's photos. About a few hundred of them. The window 
       in the background, recognizable from earlier scenes, shows 
       daylight, making the whole situation even more creepy, that 
       even in the middle of the day, the strangest things can 



                               ROLL CREDITS



                              TNT FILMS NORWAY
                                TONY SPATARO
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